Easy Hemp Power Blueberry Pancakes

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Just add our wholesome NATERA™ Vanilla or Natural Hemp Protein Powder to this recipe and some fresh blueberries and 'viola!' an easy protein packed breakfast that will keep you full and happy in between meals. This is an awesome option for anyone on the go, families and all pancake lovers. With the addition of the blueberries, kids love it!


  • any pancake flour mix
  • sub 1/5 part of mix for NATERA™ Vanilla or Natural Hemp Protein Powder
  • 1/2 cup fresh blueberries
  • hemp milk or milk (if needed)


1. Use your usual pancake flour mix as directed and add 1 part hemp protein to 5 parts of your mix.
2. Add additional milk to your mix if needed to reach desired consistency and blend well.
3. Gently mix in fresh berries before cooking - do not over mix as berries may break.
3. Cook on an oiled or non stick griddle.


Sprinkle with NATERA™ Hemp Seeds to garnish with 100% pure maple syrup. Also tastes amazing with any whipped topping such as whipping cream or yogurt.

Ps. Blueberry pancakes taste AMAZING with a bit of sprinkled cinnamon and honey on top...just saying.


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