Pure hemp goodness,
grown sustainably in Canada
made by nature
in rare perfect balance
for optimum nutrition
and taste.

Nutritional Information

  • 120 Calories
  • 13g Protein
  • 2.6g Omega
  • 7g Fibre
  • 45% Iron
  • Superfood

Give yourself the gift of optimum nutrition.

Whatever your nutrition, health, or performance goals,
there is a Natera product made for you!

Need more reasons to love Natera Life?

Flat Rate & Free Shipping!

No need to wait or pay any unreasonable fees to get your hands on our amazing products. Our online ordering is simple, while processing and delivery time is always fast. We proudly offer a flat shipping rate of only $8, or FREE shipping when ordering over $75, to anywhere in Canada!

100% All Natural

We pride ourselves on providing you with all natural, plant based goodness with no nasty sprays, unnecessary additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Our hemp products are naturally Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, sustainably farmed and 100% Canadian grown.

Complete Nutrition

At Natera, we provide you with the wholesome, nutty goodness of hemp that is second to none when talking nutritional values. There is simple nothing on the planet that packs such a complete source of protein, fat (the good kind), fibre, vitamins and minerals into such a small package.

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